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The SOILKEE Renovator

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What is the
SOILKEE Renovator?

The SOILKEE Renovator is a family owned, Australian made, minimal disturbance seeder. It promotes water-retention & nutrition in soil, and helps increase populations of soil biota.

  • Improves your pastures.

  • Seeds with minimal till disturbance.

  • Creates competition free seed bed.

  • Improves water-retention in soil.

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How SOILKEE Renovator works

Click the arrows to discover the SOILKEE Renovator benefits

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Restoring the micro-water-cycle & soil biota on your farm

Below is a diagram of a SOILKEE seed slot in "worst-case-scenario" bare, compacted earth in the processes of desertification.

In the situation above, SOILKEE:
  1. Breaks the hard soil surface and provides a point of infiltration for rainwater / dew / irrigation.

  2. Holds water in a protected space, allowing it to soak into the ground instead of evaporate.

  3. Provides an aerated layer of organic matter to insulate the seeds and feed the soil life (from fungi/bacteria to bugs/worms).

Soil Fertility Outcomes

The unique action of the SOILKEE Renovator activates soil life. Triggering regenerative soil function in this way improves soil structure, builds soil carbon through carbon sequestration, and increases water holding capacity and nutrient presence and availability; this improves fertility and increases plant growth as indicated in the independent trial results.

Independent Trial Results:*

*Data from an independent, replicated trial over one year in nine rotationally grazed paddocks on three farms, funded by a Commercialisation Australia 'Proof of Concept' grant supporting our patented innovation.

Inputs & Production

The SOILKEE System enables you to successfully grow seasonal crops to bridge the feed gap whilst also enhancing the growth of the existing pasture and building a resilient topsoil. Reduce your brought-in feed costs and better utilise your fertiliser inputs and soil nutrient reserves by making them plant available.

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Get In Touch

Start down the Regenerative Path with a passionate, family-owned business whose Founder has used his SOILKEE methods to Regenerate his own farm.

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