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What is the
SOILKEE Mulcher?

The SOILKEE Mulcher is a green stubble mulcher designed to be paired with the SOILKEE Renovator.

  • Utilises ' after grazing green stubble.

  • Captures and incorporates remaining plant saps into existing topsoil.

  • Feeds soil biota.

  • Builds soil health.

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How SOILKEE Mulcher works

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Why are SOILKEE Seed Beds important for building healthy soil?

SOILKEE Seed Beds offer a protected environment for worms to feed and deposit their castings, which are rich in beneficial soil biota and plant available minerals. This triggers the soil carbon building process for a fertile and resilient topsoil.

The rows of remaining pasture between the seed beds act as a cover crop, creating the ideal environment for fungi and worms to proliferate.

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Get In Touch

Start down the Regenerative Path with a passionate, family-owned business whose Founder has used his SOILKEE methods to Regenerate his own farm.

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