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Regenerate the soil on your farm with SOILKEE.

The SOILKEE Renovator

  • Restores the micro-water-cycle.

  • ​Increases soil water-retention.

  • Improves pasture health & increases yield.

  • Creates a competition free seed bed.

  • Leaves ~80% existing pasture undisturbed.

  • Available for purchase or contractor hire.

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Pasture Cropping

The SOILKEE Renovator is a Pasture Cropping System that plants seasonal crop and pasture into existing pasture; filling feed gaps and eliminating paddock down time traditionally associated with pasture renovation. The revolutionary SOILKEE System provides a diverse pasture and crop mixture to fill the seasonal feed gaps right there in every paddock.

From bent-grass-mat to fully-regenerated-soil

The photographs below illustrate the transition that SOILKEE can achieve from bent-grass-mat to fully-regenerated-soil with high levels of nutrients & organic matter.

The resulting soil does not require the input of fertilisers for plants to actively grow, and naturally diminishes weed populations – as shown in the image of a sick and eaten away dock plant attempting to grown in a regenerated pasture in Gippsland, Victoria.

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The SOILKEE Mulcher

  • Helps the top soil building process.

  • Captures & incorporates remaining plant saps; a valuable resource that would be lost if left standing, which can be broken down and fed to the soil biota instead.

We aren't just focused on healthy pasture, we're focused on improving your soil.

Why? Because healthy soil leads to healthy pasture, which improves productivity & profitability on your farm. By choosing SOILKEE you can restore the micro-water-cycle, increase soil water retention, and improve the health of your soil, all while seeding with minimal till disturbance into a competition-free seed bed.


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The diagram below depicts the SOILKEE Goal – to produce a fully regenerated pasture with resilient, multi-species crops, a restored micro-water-cycle and a healthy soil biota.
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Get In Touch

Start down the Regenerative Path with a passionate, family-owned business whose Founder has used his SOILKEE methods to Regenerate his own farm.

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