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Gippsland, Victoria

SOILKEE reduced bushfire damage & improved recovery time on this farm in the Adelaide Hills

“In December 2019 we were burnt out in the Cudlee Creek bush fire in the Adelaide Hills – every paddock, fence, hay shed etc., gone.

In the process of recovery we noticed a very unusual, but positive situation. We had used SOILKEE to renovate pasture a few months before the fire. When the fire went through, the difference in result from the SOILKEE’d and non-SOILKEE’d areas was amazing, as per the attached photo. The left side of the fence wire was SOILKEE and the right was not. The right was like a black billiard table following the hot burn. The left still had some standing grass, and recovered much faster than the right side.

The other photo is another image of the renovated area a couple of days later." – Ken

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Get In Touch

Start down the Regenerative Path with a passionate, family-owned business whose Founder has used his SOILKEE methods to Regenerate his own farm.

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