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SOILKEE is 100% Australian family owned, and every SOILKEE is manufactured in Australia.

Our Mission

Our mission with SOILKEE is to enable better utilisation of farmland and water resources by continuous replenishment of the soil for more profitable, productive, healthy and sustainable agriculture globally.

Soilkee Pty Ltd is an Australian based company that has developed the Soilkee Renovator a new cultivator that builds topsoil, improves soil health and function, enhances plant growth and biodiversity for all soil-based agriculture and provides greater efficiency in water and land utilisation. 


The Soilkee technology is applicable to all soil grown produce across agriculture and addresses many soil related problems to move towards a sustainable healthy environment and global food bowl.


The Soilkee Renovator enhances performance of soil and pasture by providing air, water and plant available nutrients sustaining a diverse living system with the option of planting seasonal crop and pasture seeds into existing pasture, filling feed gaps and greatly reducing down time to renovate a paddock; all done in one pass.


Growing a carbon rich topsoil as you farm by working with the natural soil process is the way into a secure farming future. Increased yield, quality produce and continuous replenishment of topsoil simultaneously are achievable. The Soilkee system we have developed makes agriculture sustainably profitable, our goal is to rapidly grow living topsoil in agriculture globally with our innovation. 

Let us help you increase the value of your asset, building a carbon rich topsoil for increased performance becomes a perpetual cycle with Soilkee.  

Let us help you increase the value of your asset. Building a carbon and nutrient rich topsoil for increased performance becomes a perpetual cycle with SOILKEE.

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Get In Touch

Start down the Regenerative Path with a passionate, family-owned business whose Founder has used his SOILKEE methods to Regenerate his own farm.

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